What The &%$! Is It??

“That’s bad – but what the hell is it?” – recent off flavor class attendee

So true. We can often identify that something may be ‘off’ yet we can put our taste buds, olfactory or brain on precisely what we think is wrong. Or we can’t name the flavor we’re trying to isolate. Or we can’t remember where we’ve smelled that aroma before.

Smell & taste education = fun!

Smell & taste education = fun!

It’s all part of the learning curve in beer and all things gustatory.

Here’s the key: Keep learning.

Self-education combined with outside education is the answer to all improvement and progress. We can’t learn it all ourselves – and to think we can would only be fooling yourself. The smartest people around know that they must keep learning from others. They proactively pursue what they don’t know and surround themselves with people who know what they don’t.

And why would you want to?! Half the fun and magic of education is when you get to do it with other people who are also turned onto the idea of learning.

Think of it this way: the last time you really enjoyed any type of presentation, what did you enjoy about it? The more we enjoy it, the more we remember. The more we remember, the higher the value and impression of the experience.

So get out there. Find a class, host a class, take a class, and invite friends or plan to go solo to meet new folks.

Education makes the world go ’round. I’ll drink to that!

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A Yummy Grand (Teton) Saison

I’m not a beer reviewer. I am a beer educator and lover and the good folks at Grand Teton Brewing are kind enough to share their upcoming beers with WEB. The latest is The Grand Saison Farmhouse Ale.

We opened this bottle of liquid summer love before savoring a meal last week. Or should I say we opened the bottle to savor the beer before we enjoyed a meal last week…either way, it was a delightful beer.

The Grand Saison Farmhouse Ale is for sure ample in its giving of flavors. Full medium bodied with really nicely balanced fruitiness to pair with foods and to most certainly stand on its own solo.

The gorgeous golden egg yolk like color was lovely in the glass and evervescent which lent a nice zest complement to the beer itself. I agree with the phrase in their release info “pairs well with an astonishing variety of foods.” I found myself thinking  – ‘Ooo! what if I had X to go with this…or Y…’

Another thing I like about Grand Teton’s releases is that they come with great information. Information is the essential education tool in order to get more people into craft beer. The Saison style seems to be one that is lesser known or understood to consumers, starting with the proper pronunciation. WEB uses the accompanying info at meet ups and events for the consumers (and therefore the brewers) benefit.

I’d for sure seek this out and drink (and recommend it) again. Many thank GTBC for sharing your passion. We’ll be sure to tell others about it. Women everywhere – as well as men – will love it!

Happy Memorial Day!!

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Tasty Trifecta Event last night at Oskar Blues

Beth and Luke of OBB - such huge help!

Thanks to the entire Oskar Blues Crew for a fantastic event venue and help last night. Chelly and were able to offer a unique women’s only Beer & Cheese & Dessert tasting event at their taproom. Beth, Luke, Burc, Melissa, Dale and everyone else who makes the place tick – pints up!

Thanks equally to the fantastic group of women beer enthusiasts that came out – judging by the conversation and laughter level, I’d say it was a success! They had the choice of 6 different beers from both Oskar Blues as well as tasty Left Hand Beers. One the food side, Chelly selected delicious cheeses from a favorite cheese monger and sweets from Living the Sweet Life – both in Denver.

Chelly (l) providing helpful information for the event

We lead them through  a simple how to taste exercises to warm them up and get them started – then off they went!

The evening closed with Beth, the taproom manager, leading a tour of the brewery – newly expanded and looking fabulous for our great guests.

Cheers of course goes to Left Hand brewing and their crew for pitching in three uber yummy beers for the event as well.

Hats off to Ingrid, our intrepid and dedicated volunteer assistant for the night – well done!

And my own personal thanks to the incredible Chelly for her partnership. She has excellent judgment.

Now – on to more GABF events….Cheers!

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