Red! She Said

photo by Kate Parks

Last night’s WEB meet up featured Red style beers. This style of beer is one we call ‘crowd pleasers’ because they are. They’ll enlighten and usually not offend.

When you’re doing tasting and educational events that people are paying for, this can be important. They reach a broad audience while being true to a craft category.

Here was our menu at our fine host, 4 Daughters Irish Pub:

1. Mendocino’s Red Tail Ale paired with fresh made deep fried cheesecake bites. WOW! The lushness of the real on-premise made cheesecake with the carbonation and flavor of the Red was really well received.

2. Laurelwood’s Free Range Red paired with Reserve Gruyere (pasteurized Swiss cow’s milk). Nice! As many know, beer and cheese ce magnifique!

3. Mad River’s Jamaican Red paired with Noord Hollander Gouda. This Gouda is much drier than most have had so the texture variation alone was well worth the exploration. PLUS Kate speaks Dutch so she was good enough to pronounce it authentically for us.

4. Lompoc’s Proletariat Red paired with fresh chocolate cake with drizzles (on the side) of a spicy chocolate sauce using Cayenne pepper. We encouraged people to try it with the sauce as least once, even if they don’t usually care for spicy. Home Run.

So – there you have it. Another tasty menu, collaborative event for women in our community.

They are the future of Craft Beer and we’re having a ball helping them learn all about it.

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CAMFA Series #3: Mouthfeel

We’ve covered the first 2 letters of CAMFA so far. Let’s dig into the next one: M.

CAMFA: C = Color, A = Aroma, M = Mouthfeel.

Mouthfeel is defined as “is the sensory impression of a food or other substance, and is determined mainly by the chemical senses of taste and smell.” by Wikipedia

How the beer feels in our mouth, the texture, lushness or leanness, is the whole idea and we can really start to full-on experience our beer once we get to mouthfeel. With the first steps being looking at your beer and then smelling your beer, the mouthfeel of the beer helps to start filling out the intimate knowledge of the beer in our mouths.

It’s important to know that mouthfeel is an integral part of enjoying beer. That it’s generally something that takes a bit of time to get to know. And it’s not necessarily the same for your ‘lawn mower’ type beer drinking, wherein you’re looking to primarily quench your thirst.

Be patient, try, linger. Learn to really embrace the mouthfeel of your beer and where it can lead. Hopefully to wanting to do it again with another high quality beer with friends.

Tomorrow: Flavor

CAMFA Series #1: Color

CAMFA Series #2: Aroma

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