Travel Plans Abound

When people talk with us about Women Enjoying beer, we tell them we go all over the country because women and beer are everywhere. It’s true and makes traveling a joy.

Come see us, share a beer and say hello as we’re out and about this fabulous world of ours – here’s our Events Page.

Beer & Food comrades - Geoff & Ginger

Beer & Food comrades – Geoff & Ginger

It’s a day maker when someone comments on a jacket I might be wearing with our logo, when someone is passing on the freeway and pauses at the same speed to give a thumbs up, and when people simply smile and ask what it’s all about.

What it’s all about is women + beer. It’s also all about respect, education, knowing the world’s biggest market share, inviting a group previously not considered to be a significant part of the conversation. It’s about opportunity, not gender.

Yes, its women and beer. And it’s so much more. As I’ve said lately at my local Chamber gatherings, “because woman and beer are only the beginning.”

The goal for WEB is to shift culture positively. We engage with those who already respectfully acknowledge that women are full value members of society, with brands who don’t denigrate anyone and focus on quality, with those who may not understand the whole picture yet want to.

Some of the great folks we’ve worked with and for include:

  • Wynkoop Brewing Company
  • New Belgium Brewing
  • Lakefront Brewing
  • Doll Distributing
  • Louie’s Pub
  • Standing Stone Brewing
  • Heavy Seas Brewing
  • Boulevard Coffee (see, women are everywhere)
  • Southern Oregon Public Television
  • Old Chicago
  • Deschutes Brewing

And numerous other beer oriented businesses, suppliers, vendors, supporters and interested parties.

Liberty Bottles with WEB logo - thanks Brian!

Liberty Bottles with WEB logo – thanks Brian!

We’ve worked in homes for private parties, which is an excellent way to meet the consumers where they’re at. This is a tenant of WEB: to go to them, instead of expecting them to come to us. As it happens, the two-way street is wide open and we’re enthused and motivated by the many people who do in fact come to us first. In fact, it’s like a happy crowded intersection where great things are happening.

We’ve been to *whew* lots of festivals, from the terrific & well run, to the head scratchers. We’ll look to hit 35 – 40 this year and all suggestions of fitting fests are welcome and encouraged.

Some of the best run ones we’ve participated in include:

  • Oregon Brewers Festival
  • Great American Beer Festival
  • Oregon Garden Brew Fest
  • Umpqua Brew Fest
  • KLCC Brew Fest
  • Zoo Brew
  • Big Beers, Belgian’s and Barleywines
  • Washington Brewers Festival

We’re also been part of and hired for many consumer focused events working with great folks like:

  • Ska Brewing
  • The Cheeky Monk
  • Twisted Pine
  • Fabric of Vision, Swig & Stitch series
  • Illahe Gallery
  • The Beer Mongers

And let’s be sure to mention that many events WEB enhances also give back to the community:

  • Science Works Brews & Boogie
  • Pear-A-Fare
  • + Many of the aforementioned festivals

I’d be remiss to leave out some businesses who are super supporters too:

  • Ninkasi Brewing
  • Briess Malting
  • Cypress Grove Chevre
  • Summit Beverage
James of Ninkasi, big WEB supporters, & Ginger -

James of Ninkasi, big WEB supporters, & Ginger –

We’re accessible and approachable, like phone calls and keep the info stream flowing. we welcome thoughtful discourse and constructive criticism. We extol and promote diplomacy – never snobbery or exclusion. Flavor, discovery, fun, open mindedness, community.

We’ve got a growing team of dedicated team members and will be working to increase their numbers this year as we grow into our fourth full year in business. BeerRadio adds a layer of fun edutainment each week as well, bringing you enlightening and enjoyable conversations with people all over the beer universe.

Thank you for all the support you give us in the form of communications, conversations, hiring us, samples and goods, word spread, festival attendance and participation, and general good will.

With gratitude,

Ginger, Founder

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Labor Day Thanks 2012

My sincere thanks today those who labor for Women Enjoying Beer….

1. My Fine Husband – while he isn’t an ’employee’, there’s no denying his unflagging support, listening, input, and pride. Our girls (canine supervisors & comic relief) are also a big part of keeping it all real.

2. Mike Sansone, long time friend, coach and all things online advisor and consultant. Mike’s unflagging support, both professional and personal, are ultra appreciated and humbling.

3. Emily Engdahl, WEB Events Development and friend. Emily’s talents and intelligence has been a huge addition to our progress and my enjoyment this year. She’s Emcredible.

4. Kat Blaisdell, WEB Local Events Calendar Coordinator and friend. Kat’s the meow and I’m thankful to have her self motivation, smarts and passion on board.

5. Meghan, Shauna, Sarah, Diane, Caitlin, Jenica, John, Carson, Lisa, Rob, James, Marti, Chris, Charlie and so many others who have and continue to support and contribute: Heartfelt thanks! Every effort adds, adds up and moves us forward in our mission: To shift culture through research and education.

Thank you!

To all our Facebook followers, Twitter followers, website commentors & readers, festival and events supporters, professional friends, media and press support, and family: THANK YOU.

Finally today, with great heaps of gratitude, thank you to the female and male consumers who talk with us, participate in research development unselfishly, tell us “Right On!” over and over again, and let us represent what you want and think about beer. It’s always a day maker to meet you – keep the love coming.

Cheers & a very happy holiday to all ~

Ginger, Founder, Women Enjoying Beer

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Unfamous Beer Enthusiasts

A few unfamous beer enthusiasts hard at it

Let me tell you about a few unfamous beer enthusiasts.

1. Sue. She’s come to the Women Enjoying Beer meet ups from the beginning of the year, is a home brewer and truly loves beer. She loves engaging in it and with it, she loves meet up with other female beer enthusiasts, and has a great sense of humor. She’s very careful with her money AND she makes it a point to make all the events she can (so far she’s batting a thousand). I’m humbled and pleased. Thanks Sue.

2. Michele. She’s a beer lover and has a ready laugh. She’s sharp and spreads the word about good beer with lots of folks – don’t ask me to count how many people she brought to events last year. She also helped line up a very informative group abroad for me to talk with about beer. Suffice it to say she’s up for the Oscar for her participation. Thanks Michele.

3. Kim. She’s game to try different things, loves to experience new pairing of beer with foods, and generously hosts focus groups for the cause. She was one of the very first people I met when I moved via another fabulous friend and her arms were open in welcome. Suffice it to say a beer with Kim is always in order! Thanks Kim.

I could write columns on the incredible women who have gladly joined the fun, helped with the research, and in general opened their arms to beer. Especially since the exbeerience this time is focused around them. Not in a patronizing or ‘oh-isn’t-that’cute-she-likes-beer’ way. In the ‘hell-yea!-I-want-to-be-part-of-it’ way.

Invite them in. There are millions of women waiting to be included.

Look for more unfamous women beer enthusiasts in the future.

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