Oakshire & KLCC Festival Collaboration Beer

It’s usually a fun thing to try a collaboration beer. At least two, sometimes more, breweries all digging into the sandbox together – making something delicious for us to sip.

Matt of Oakshire Brewing

Matt of Oakshire Brewing

And this weekend will pose a fresh flavor opportunity to try another. Read on as Matt Van Wyk, head of Brewing for Oakshire, Eugene, shares all about it:

“Ours is called Understutz KLCC Hefeweizen,” states Van Wyk, referencing this annual fest beer that is highlighted at the KLCC fest, a fundraiser for the local public radio station. “I suspect others have ‘names’ for their beer style.”

Each year, Eugene area brewers work together to create a Collaboration Brew specifically for this Festival.  Following last year’s Tour of the British Isles, brewers chose to continue showcasing European style beers with A Tour of Germany.  Participating breweries each chose a sub style of German beer to brew, deciding the recipe on their own.  The common thread is that every beer is of German origin and follows the German Purity law of 1516, or Reinheitsgebot [though there is a braggot in the bunch this year]. Taste them all and enjoy this tour of Germany, created especially for the 2014 KLCC Microbrew Festival by our highly skilled local brewing community.

Agrarian Ales – Roggenbier
Claim 52 – Oktoberfest
Falling Sky – Rauchbier
Hop Valley – Nacht Schmerzen Swartz Bier
Hopworks Urban – Eisbock
McMenamins High Street – Wunder Bär Munich Dunkel
Ninkasi – Helles Bock
Oakshire – Hefeweizen
Plank Town – Bock
Sam Bond’s – Dana’s Alt Düsseldorf Altbier
Steelhead-McKenzie – Dortmunder Export

Track Town – Dunkelweizen
Viking Braggot – Altbier

Cheers to everyone who’s brewing and playing along. See you to sip then!

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