Marketing Tools: Essential, Optional, Insights

Marketing: noun \ˈmär-kə-tiŋ\

: the activities that are involved in making people aware of a company’s products, making sure that the products are available to be bought, etc. (courtesy Mirriam-Webster)

Here’s a beginning list of essential marketing tools.

1. Business cards. These are strong silent sales people and traffic directors. When you have a well designed, easy to read and information savvy card, you’re putting forth an excellent impression of your brand. Include: First & last name of person, direct phone number with area code, direct email and website. If you’re a brick and mortar, you must include legible full street address with zip code. Not including information makes your customers work harder to find you – make it easy.

2. Website. It’s critical to have a webpage, if not a multi-page website. In today’s world, it’s not optional to have one – you must. It’s where the world goes for information. It needs to properly communicate what you do, who you are and what you offer. Bringing you to market is what the site is doing – the market is global and the first impression is tantamount to success.

3. Vehicle graphics. If you drive a vehicle and the business would be well represented on a moving marketing tool, do it. Professionally created and applied decals – even magnets – can be excellent marketing tools. WEB routinely gets stopped at rest stops, pictures are snapped by passing vehicles on the passenger side, and the questions are steady and constant when we are parked, parking or anywhere close to the vehicles we drive. Incredible return on investment here.

Where's your marketing showing up?

Where’s your marketing showing up?

Worth considering though not necessarily necessary.

1. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…etc. Choose the best tools for you by researching which tools do what, how they fit with your mission and then engage. Or not. The key is to choose what works for you.

2. Phone book listing. Take a hard look at what the modern phone book and directories are used for and who uses them. If they still fit the mission and sales goals of your entity, by all means. If they don’t, don’t.

3. Program listings. How many times do you get solicited to “take advantage of this incredible opportunity” to be in someone’s program? Think about these hard before deciding: sometimes it’s a feel-good donation type marketing piece, sometimes it’s not a fit so graciously pass. Don’t fall for the “exposure” line – exposure gives you frost bite or sunburn, but not necessarily business.

A few tips and pointers.

1. Solicitations. If solicited, as the solicitor how much they know about your business or organization. If they’ve done even cursory homework, then they merit attention. Those who want something from you and haven’t done a lick of investigation – don’t bother. If they want something from you they should take the time to look into the fit. Sales of every kind means matching two pieces of the pie together, knowledgeably.

2. Sleep on every offer. You should be able to think and consider every offer, if you wish, at least a day. High pressure is great for a fire hose, it’s not good for decision-making. If the solicitor says they “must know right now!”, pass. You both need to think about things in advance.

3. Advance protocol. Institute a 30 day in advance request period (or 60 day or 4 month….whatever suits you). All requests can be directed to a streamlined and appropriate process if well designed and communication is strong. Making people think ahead is a strong attractant for the ‘right’ people, and a good deterrent for the ones who don’t have their act together.

Be fearless in changing directions too. WEB recently discontinued Facebook as it wasn’t the fit to drive the brand forward to the clients we’re interested in serving. We use twitter with much success as it fits better with our goals and strategy.  It’s a relief of time and undue pressure to not use something that was not as useful as we wanted it to be for our purposes.

Marketing is bringing you and your company to market. It’s about impression, communication, and tools. Consider, research, and use the tools that fit your mission and vision, strategy and tactics. Doing so is smart marketing.

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What I Love & Loathe About Twitter


  • That you can literally reach out and emeet people from across the globe.
  • That you can choose to follow whom you wish, why you wish, when you wish.
  • That you can connect with others across the globe with shared affinities.
  • That it’s on 24/7/365.
  • That other people can find me and my business if they wish.
  • That many connections on Twitter can develop into real meaningful relationships.
  • That it’s a fun challenge to be concise in 140 characters or less.
  • That you can learn mind boggling things in short snippets.


  • That some people expect you to follow them ‘back’ if they follow you.
  • That some people abuse and misuse it by only posting from a very selfish standpoint, as advertising tool, or only post trite quotes – nothing original.
  • That some people are uncivil.
  • That it’s a frustrating challenge to be concise in 140 characters or less.
  • That some people don’t post a helpful profile.
  • That it’s on 24/7/365.
  • That some businesses and people on Twitter think it’s okay to simply yak about what they do. All the time.
  • That it can be a huge time sucker.
You can help others and yourself shine in Twitter (instead of tarnishing)

You can help others and yourself shine in Twitter (instead of tarnishing)

Twitter, like all social media, is intended to be a multi way intersection. I still subscribe to my coach’s advice: 70/20/10. 70% of the time you spend being a resource, knowledgeably addressing an audience you wish to develop. 20% of the time it’s fun chit chat. 10% of the time you get to talk about you.

No, it’s not solely an advertising or marketing tool. It can and should complement – not be a single avenue. No one tool would do everything you need or want.

Nor is it appropriate for arguing, inciting negative vibes, be an idiot, selfish or demeaning to another twitterer.

Yes to intelligent debate, as much as 140 characters allow. Yes to starting conversations, contributing to them productively, and to sharing what you learn that you find of value.

No to belligerence, ignorance, condescension, ugliness or anything else that is also unappropriate in person.

We’re a modern culture wherein we have grown up or at least grown older with tools we had no idea would ever develop. The online community is both rewarding and wonderful as well as it’s unsavory and disrespectful.

I sincerely hope you’re in the camp of learning how to act accordingly and respect others, no matter your avenues for communication. Let’s keep it sane, productive and in good taste. Use it to build, help and align.

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Saturday Update + Holiday Event and Shirts

What’s a good Saturday beer to try Well, now’s a great time (and limited too) to try Fresh Hopped beers, usually ales (fermented at higher temperatures and for shorter length of time than lagers). If you live in a hop growing area of the world, grab them – they’ll be gone quickly. Fresh Hops flavor is different than hops bitterness too – they’re yummy!

Bringing Beer To Life

Thanks to all who came to the Oktoberfest – Come As A Woman event at Frau Kemmling! Stein’s up to the game men who joined us – thanks to all the women who were happy to have them. A good slightly ridiculous time was had by all (especially once the chanting match started with the men at the bar!!).

Novembers event has been canceled due to logistics – so save date for our All Holiday Celebration on December 2nd for a great time (hint: they’ll be presents for everyone who attends!). The location is gelling now and we’ll post the full details, as usual, on the WEB Events Page when they’re solid.

We’re working on getting a great December location so we can set up a holiday shop site too – offering pre event shopping hours with all the great WEB stuff (and some surprises) as well as special holiday pricing.

Men's shirts

Big News today: Women Enjoying Beer AND Men Enjoying Women Enjoying Beer shirts are all in and ready to be proudly worn. Here’s the low down on Women’s, you can order them online here – several 100% organic choices, all great colors with silver images. Classy and very soft women’s fit, FYI – they run slightly small. Short sleeve only $20, long sleeve only $25.
The Men’s will be posted soon. Men’s: Short Sleeve, black and white, full color logo, only $20 each, 100% organic cotton.

And lastly, today – we’re planning to roll out a big value Women Enjoying Beer online subscription starting in 2011. We’re working out details and ideas now – one for consumers and one for businesses. (It’d be a great holiday gift for the women who enjoy beer on your list.) Let me know if you’re interested and we’ll make sure you are among the very first it’s offered to.

  • For consumers we’ll include features like recipes with beer, menu ideas, pairing and tasting suggestions, education about beer, ingredients, styles, flavors, where to find it, beer travel, and – woo! – so much more.
  • For businesses we’ll include solid ideas on how to accurately and respectfully market to female beer consumers and buyers, tips and pointers on your establishment to ensure they are inviting to females, and feedback of all kinds from real women who enjoy beer. All information you can use to garner more sustainable female beer market share.

So thanks for being in the beer loop – we’re on Twitter @WomenEnjoyBeer for a smattering of online conversation in addition to the blog posts (are you signed up yet? – it’s easy and safe)

Cheers to a great weekend – and thanks!


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