Making It Tough For Customers To Find You

Are you only on Facebook? Having a page can be valuable only if you already have a webpage first.

Are you only on Twitter? Instagram? Pinterest? All of these are the same as above. How the heck do you expect people to fully access the information about you, to patronize you if you don’t have a universally available website first….this is a rhetorical query.

Here’s how you do it:

1. Website. Hire a pro to help you create a professional, brand image reflection online. A simple landing page with contact information is sufficient to start AND you must have one. Name (first and last), direct phone number, direct email ([email protected] is really impersonal by the way), street address for any brick and mortar, and hours of operation.

2. Website. Hire a pro to create a simple website with the pages necessary to really communicate your core message, products and services, and provide necessary contact information.

3. Website. Hire a pro to develop a world-class website that will serve your customers and audiences for years to come. Knowing that sites are dynamic, factor in review and updates as well.

Does this look like the person trying to find your website??

Does this look like the person trying to find your website??

By the way – The argument of “I don’t have any money for a website” is a load of crap. If you have a vested interest in the success of yourself and endeavors, then you budget and allocate the money. This is a critical marketing piece, people. Marketing properly is not optional – it’s foundational.

By the way – Interview web developers first – never go on complete faith or recommendations. Get recommendations from qualified people first, then interview, then sleep on it and decide.

By the way – Hiring a pro to develop your site is one of the best investments you can make with your dollars. People are very wise to what “looks good” and what looks amateur on-line. You can’t afford to screw your online presence up with sub par work. And it’s extremely difficult to turn around a bad first impression if you have a shoddy site first then change to a professional site.


1. Investigate other avenues. Websites are free and universally available TO EVERYONE. If you want to explode your audience potential, business revenue and returns and really run an operation right, get your website first.

2. Make sure the other avenues enhance and augment. I find it incredibly insulting, stupid and aggravating that organizations and companies will only have Facebook or other formats. Seriously, it repels me since I am not on Facebook (I stopped by happy choice). So now what they’ve done is eliminate my ability to communicate.

Did I mention hiring a pro? If you want it to look like an accomplished 8th grader or college sophomore did it, fine. Sit and wait for the damage to be done. If the 8th grader or sophomore is that talented and puts forth fully professional work, pay them. DO NOT barter or otherwise denigrate their abilities. Plus a transaction in a relationship sets a higher tone of expectations and business.

So – to all of you who have websites first: YES!! Keep them sharp, updated and current.

To all of you who only use a non-public membership sign-in format, I’ll take my business elsewhere. Why are you limiting your potential and alienating future customers?

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