Always Ask Why

Always  ask why, no matter what it is. Never stop asking Why.

Why…to everything. Why is what gets conversation going. It’s what determines our choices, drives our decisions, and makes things interesting (to say the least).

It’s also a savvy business move: to ask the why of everything. Operations to crew, marketing to sales.

Why is what drives progress.

Why wouldn’t you ask why?

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Women + Beer Survey Insights: Report #2

Report #2: Why do you like beer?

While this question may seem almost identical to the first question, it holds some very different insight. A group of contributors stated “same as above”, citing question 1, many more continued “AND“…. To go on and expound on more reasons that fit the Why.

The Why is the critical piece here. Asking the Why questions is where progress and insight meet. Once you know the what you have to ask the why. Otherwise you’re simply not doing diligence to educating about beer. Education here is two, if not, multi-directional.

Education for beer has to develop at a minimum:

  • Consumer to professional
  • Professional to consumer

P1100136And we have to break this out to really make it productive – there are many, many kinds of professionals in the beer world. So let’s include a few more directions in the intersection:

  • Vendor, supplier, grower to consumer
  • Consumer to vendors, supplier, grower
  • Retailer to consumer
  • Consumer to retailer
  • Distributor to consumer
  • Consumer to distributor

Assuming that there are only 2 steps of the building we call Beer Education (Consumer + Brewery) is a huge misstep. Grower, processor, shipper, packager, vendor, supplier, broker, brewer, retailers, distributor, consumer…. As Sam and I covered last year at NBWA, there are more than three tiers in the system. Even Charlie extols this idea.

No matter the set up of your tiers though, the consumer has to be factored in. After all they are the ones buying the end product. If they didn’t do that, then everything else leading up to it is moot.

A few specific sections that make themselves known in the report for Question 2 include flavor & taste, care & quality, and versatility. (The entire report, due out soon, will thoroughly expound and explain the input of the respondents.)

If you’re a beer professional, in the business at all – brewery, writer, controller, marketer, founder, cellar person, retailer, distributor, growler filler….Get comfortable with asking the Why.

If you’re a consumer, keep asking why questions of all the above people…as well as growers, producers, packagers, vendors, suppliers, brokers, and so on. It’s infinitely interesting, is a straight route to increasing your beer knowledge, and I’ve never known someone in the industry to turn down an opportunity to talk about beer.

Why not?

Report #2 will be available for purchase in the next month.

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Great Leaders: Well Stated by Simon Sinek

As a guest of a business meeting this week, this TED Talk given by Simon Sinek was shared at the beginning of the meeting.

Watch it here.

Brilliant. Straight forward. And exactly what WEB does: We start with the Why first. If you don’t know the why and if you don’t share it, why (truly) should people literally buy into what you’re selling? They’ve no good reason unless they’re sympathetic, supportive friends and family or suckers.

Said another way, when people know the Why, then they buy. They buy into ideas, concepts, products, and services. They want to be part of the vision and lend support. It’s all about them – not the product ultimately, and that’s good.

There has to be “something in it” for everyone – starting with the customer first.

Start with the Why. It’ll drive more progress than you can imagine. Onward.

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