Tasty Holidays, Swig & Stitch Style

Swig & Stitch: learn about beer and sewing techniques. Both useful and fun.

Swig & Stitch: learn about beer and sewing techniques. Both useful and fun.

Cheers to those folks who have and continue to attend our monthly Swig & Stitch events. Last night we held our December beer version with much success again.

4 Daughters Irish Pub is our host, with the very talented and professional (and fun) GM Brandy at the helm. Tim (server), Alec (beertender) and crew always treats us well and we’re glad to meet there. Everyone is welcome to register for these events and can do so with Sandi of Fabric of Vision – here’s the contact info. 

It’s a great opportunity to learn about a life skill: sewingpartnered with beer education. I lead the beer tasting and food pairing, based on the fresh beers 4 Daughters has on draft and the foods on their menu.

Cheers to a tasty holiday season! Here’s what we enjoyed.

  • Widmer Hefeweizen with 4 Cheese Fondue (havarti, white cheddar, fontina, gouda)
  • Alameda Yellow Wolf Imperial IPA with spicy honey glazed chicken bites, carrot + celery
  • Lindeman’s Framboise with Black and Tan brownie (fudge + peanut butter)

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Beer And Chocolate Tasting Menu

happy crowd with beer and chocolate

Women at our monthly meet up fully enjoyed the offerings and more importantly learning about how beer and chocolate can go together last week.

Our fine host, Enchanted Florist, a floral boutique and chocolate cafe, is extremely knowledgeable about chocolate so it was a great learning opportunity all around. We choose beers to go with the flavors of the real cocoa and organic chocolates.

Beers and any complementary foods you suggest and share grow increasingly attractive and flavorful when you provide the story that accompanies those respective products. Knowing more about what you’re putting in your mouth is a big deal. Make that information part of the program.

Try offering beer with chocolates to women and see what can happen. (hint: successful enlightenment!) We’ll be sure to do again based on the tremendously positive feedback we got that night.

Here was the menu we featured:

  1. Widmer Barrel Aged Brrrbon ’11 paired with Michel Cluizel, Organic Dark Chocolate. Paris France, Los Ancones, 67%
  2. Lost Coast Tangerine Wheat with Valrhona, Manjari Orange, France. 64%, with the citrus sweetness of orange.
  3. Rodenbach with Café TasseDark Chocolate with cranberries and soft chili. Brussels, Chocolat Bio, organic chocolate, 58%
  4.  MateVeza with Dolfin, Dark Chocolate With Earl Grey tea. Belgium. 52% A black tea with a dash of bergamot.

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