The Worth Of Word Of Mouth

So many people in business talk about “word of mouth.” They say ” Oh – I don’t advertise, I rely on and see business from word of mouth.”

So what precisely is word of mouth? And what’s it’s worth?

I’d encourage you to redirect and start thinking of Worth Of Mouth. The worth of the words from many mouths is what we’re really looking at here. And who’s mouth is it?

What's the worth of mouth of your business?

What’s the worth of mouth of your business?

The value of word of mouth – the worth as it were – is dependent on the mouther, so to speak. Is the person reputable, reliable and knowledgeable to put worth in the words of mouth?

In marketing, that is, bringing something to market, word of mouth has a long herstory of value when it comes from the right people at the right time for the right reasons. A worthless word can be more than worthless – it can be damaging. And that’s definitely worth considering before hand.

Be careful what you say and how you say it. Be careful what you think words and phrases to mean. They are as elastic and ever-changing as the weather.

Go for value, experience, respect, fun. That’s the worth the mouths are looking for.

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