Yum! If you already enjoy beer and chocolate, kudos to knowing about how versatile and tasty this combination can be. If you’ve yet to discover that beer and chocolate go hand and glass, it’s time to start tasting.

Last night at Swig & Stitch we paired Dagoba Chocolates with various beers at our host location, 4 Daughters Irish Pub. What a success!

To start – when I announced as much, the room gave an approving “mmmmmm” sound. As a presenter, it’s always good to have the audience excited about the forthcoming event.

Sandi teaching techniques at Swig & Stitch

Sandi teaching techniques at Swig & Stitch

It’s fun to mix and match too…though the chocolate rapidly disappeared and the beers were quickly enjoyed. So it goes for tasting – and so it should go. We feature small pours and portions. Enjoying beer and food includes exercising moderation.

We’ve got the Season Wrap-Up Event June 10th, in conjunction with Medford Beer Week. A fun program, beer & wine, and smackerels are all on the agenda. All are welcome (over 21 years of age) – here’s the info & registration link.

I encourage you to find Dagoba and other chocolates, choose some beers and get tasting. Everything tastes better at a welcoming establishment and with others. Let me know (comment below) the combinations you find delicious – we’ll share them forward.


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