Hats off to Ben and for looking for a new opportunity, taking action to develop his dream and inviting me into the conversation at his home in Detroit last week.

Ben and a prototype

Ben and a prototype

It’s becoming somewhat regular to get contacted by people to reaching out, calling or emailing in their efforts to start a new brewery, do research and other women and beer related projects. Looking for real information to bolster their cause.

Great! It’s flattering and interesting to be tapped as a resource. Every one has a story and each one is the same and unique simultaneously.

The ongoing efforts by WEB to compile qualitative psycho graphic data continues to make more and more solid information available for members of the beer community. The information supports, redefines, and enlightens – which is exactly the goal in supporting the greater beer community.

It’s precisely why Women Enjoying Beer was created and marches forward in the name of beer.

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