C.V. and I at Avery tonight

C.V. and me at Avery tonight

Colorado looks great to me! Terrific beer, great people and mountains. Really I could die happy now (although I’d like to be around a bit longer).

We met up with C.V. at Avery per his shout out per the tour. He showed us all the amazing casks, happily maturing (my mouth is watering…). Brett’s are some of my absolute favorite beers…so lush, varied, flavorful and down right delicious.  Wine drinkers would definitely enjoy these kinds of beers. C.V. let us sample what we wanted and we tried 5 beers total. They’re in the throes of the GABF and all the ensuing robust enthusiastic traffic ala Beer.

A big thanks to him for his hospitality and the beers. See you again in Denver.

Also – what else – good women drinking beer.  Leah’s a home brewer with a beer entered in the Pro-Am competition at the GABF. We got to talk to her and Denise, both really engaged, happy beer drinkers. They live in Louisville and definitely enjoy thier beers

Denise, Leah & I at Avery

Denise, Leah & me at Avery

and all the flavors the vast range of beers have to offer.

In fact she’ll tap into a batch or two of beers that, once again, made my mouth water. Denise and Leah – be sure to get in touch when you’ll be tapping them. It’d surely be worth the trip to Kentucky.

Note: With the GABF fully on there was a really good mix of genders at the Avery Taproom enjoying beer. Keep in mind, beer is genderless; it’s about an opportunity more than anything.

After all, it’s all for the love of beer.

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