This year will be the first after 4 consecutive years that we will NOT be attending and vending at the Great American Beer Festival.

2015 GABF WEB Crew - what a ball!

2015 GABF WEB Crew – what a ball!

Thank you to all the supporters, buyers, conversators, and friends we saw the previous 4 years.

Thank you to my remarkable crew members over the years – starting with my Captain Diane, right hand for 2 years Emily, Sarah, Darcie, Lisa, Jammie and everyone….t’was a tun of really rowdy, robust & productive fun!

Last year the booth was situated beyond our control in a really crappy location – the set up made it very difficult for visitors to get into the booth and many simply didn’t wait. I don’t blame them – and had voiced my concern to the organizers well before the fest, and at the fest…with no changes. So it was time to be done. Communication should have been way better well before hand from them to be clear as to what the set up would be, since it was dramatically different from years previous.

I know they’re dealing with growth. And there are such things as limiting the festivals’ size; growth doesn’t always mean ‘bigger.’ So we’ll remember fondly the previous years and move on from here.

Just a few goods left - like these Men Enjoying Women Enjoying Beer cool fit shirts...order yours today.

Just a few goods left – like these Men Enjoying Women Enjoying Beer cool fit shirts…order yours today.

We’re closing out all our first quality goods – the only kind we ever got. And you can shop here – now. Women’s & Men’s gear. Quantities are limited – when they’re gone, that’s it! It’s a great time to stock up, get a few gifts for yourself and for others.

Again, our thanks! We’ll be in Colorado next for the Vail Big Beers Belgians & Barleywine Festival, January 2016. Come see us then, there.

Cheers ~


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