Thanks to all who responded to my request via the Brewers Association daily Forum for interest per upcoming WomenEnjoyingBeer Kansas City activities. I posted that I was looking for people in the KC area to participate in events – focus groups (women & beer), perhaps some recreational events – tastings/pairings, and marketing to women workshops.

The response has been great!

Thanks to Gordon Biersch, Boulevard, Tallgrass, KC Hopps, The Worthog, Jennifer Helber and the others – looking very forward to connecting.

p1020060And there’s still room for more.


  • If you’re an enthusiast, contact me to attend an event.
  • If you’re a brewer or brewery and want to either have your beers highlighted to host an event at your establishment, contact me.
  • If you’re a media person or blogger, I’d be very glad to have you join one of the events and take pictures, etc. Beer makes good news.

All events will be posted directly (by end of week hopefully) on the WEB site too – ‘Events’ page.

Hope to see you in KC soon (July 16th – 18th).

Cheers ~

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