If you’re a woman, I’d invite you to cogitate and send me your answers to the below 10 questions.

If you’re a women and you ‘don’t drink beer’, you’re still encouraged to answer them. Why women don’t participate in beer is as important to the goal as why women do.

bottling line at Sierra Nevada

bottling line at Sierra Nevada

If you’re women and this isn’t your bag (thanks for reading anyway) and share all you like with women you may know who do want to discuss it.

If you’re a man who knows women who want to talk about beer, any forwarding is always greatly appreciated.

If you’re a man, your turn is coming.

Here they are:

1. Why do you drink beer?

2. What do you like about beer?

3. What kinds of beers do you like?

4. What would compel you to try a beer you haven’t tried before?

5. What do you want from your beer? Conversely, what don’t you want from your beer?

6. What kind of beer education or social beer opportunities would you like to take advantage of?

7. How do you want the beer companies to address and acknowledge you as a female beer drinker?

8. What kind of atmosphere do you prefer when you drink beer?

9. What do you think about present beer marketing and advertising as it relates to you as a woman?

10. Does size matter for your beer?

Thanks – Swamp me with contributions!

All ‘answers’ are valid because they’re yours.

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